Washington Accord Team lauds SASTRA

The Washington Accord is an agreement that provides mobility for Indian engineering graduates around the world. The Washington accord team visited India in January2005 and visited 3 government institutions and SASTRA to assess the quality of engineering education in India. Dr Douglas Ruth, Chairman of the visiting team was impressed with facilities at SASTRA and recorded thus:

"I was deeply impressed with your achievements over the last 20 years. You have truly developed a better than world-class undergraduate engineering facility. You have helped me form a very positive impression of education in India. For that I thank you"

The Institution of Engineers Accreditation:

The Institution of Engineers (India) has accredited all eligible B. Tech programmes offered by SASTRA.

TCS Accreditation:

M/s. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. has accredited SASTRA with an A grade (Highest) putting SASTRA in the elite company of premier institutes. The School of Management at SASTRA University is also accredited by TCS.

Curricular Aspects:

The academic curriculum for various programmes is formulated by the respective Boards of Studies comprising experts from the academic, industry, senior faculty of the department and other associated departments. The formulation is done taking into consideration the recent trends in the industry, established standards, etc. All degree programmes have courses on ethics & personality development which are in tune with thaw University's mission and goals of offering a value-based quality education turning out graduates with a rounded personality. The choice Based credits System (CBSC) for the students in the programme has been in vogue at SASTRA from the academic year 2008-09.


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