SASTRA & Society

SASTRA has always believed that the society in which it exists is a major stake-holders and it constantly endeavours for special development. This sense of social responsibility has won appreciation from the public at large and has encouraged. SASTRA to foster a life-long relationship with society. SASTRA has organized various outreach activities that have changed the lives of many people in its neighbourhood. Some of the outreach activities are:

  • SASTRA sponsors the education up to undergraduate level for surviving lives in the tragic fire accident at Kumbakonam in the year 2004.
  • SASTRA’s immediate relief has touched the lives of many families affected by natural calamities in Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Cuddalore, Chennai, Nepal, etc.,
SASTRA & Society
  • SASTRA offers rice, dhal and jaggery to the entire population at 5 villages surrounding SASTRA every year during the festival season of Pongal.
  • SASTRA’s faculty and students are regular donors to the local blood bank. SASTRA enjoys the unique distinction of being the single largest blood donor in this region.
  • Free one-year skill development programme for socio-economically challenged school dropouts.
  • SASTRA has laid an approach road connecting Hajiar Street and Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre at the cost of about Rs.1 Crore and extended it up to BhanaduraiPathukattu Street. The road has since been declared a public road.
  • SASTRA donated Rs.10 Lakhs as relief to the parentof the victims of the fire accident at Sri Krishna Primary School, Kumbakonam. Rs.10000 was given to each parent in the form of a Fixed Deposit receipt. Further, SASTRA has announced free education, up to undergraduate level, covering tuition fees and books, to one surviving child of the bereaved parents.


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