Objective: To provide leadership in the field of Teacher Education through Degree and other programmes resulting in generating quality Teacher Educators, Educational Administrators and researchers by adopting a carefully balanced curriculum embedded with innovative practices.

Programmes Offered (Duly Approved by NCTE)


The Higher Secondary students who join the dual degree programme (M.Sc., B.Ed / M.A., B.Ed) are trained to become postgraduate teachers in Mathematics, Computer Science and English besides being equipped with adequate knowledge and skills to move vertically later to M.Ed Degree programme as well as M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. The components of the course over Five years (10 Semesters) adequately cover the syllabus required for the subject opted at the B.Sc/B.A and M.Sc./M.A levels, Tamil and English at the degree level and Education at the Degree level(B.Ed.)

The introduction of two papers on Indian Culture and Ethics is intended to inculcate in the students essential and enduring values based in Indian culture and Dharma, a component which is lacking in curriculum of most other institutions. A teacher with complete awareness of moral and ethical values will be able to impart the same to his students. This component is vital to Youth in their formative years in this materialistic world, which Dr.Radhakrishnan termed 'an ample body with meager soul'.


The faculty is headed by a Senior Professor in the rank of a Dean with long experience in the field of Education. It includes an Emeritus Professor with nearly 25 years of Teaching in Colleges of Education, a visiting Professor with research qualifications from a University in the UK and about 20 years of Teacher training experience. Besides there are faculty members specialized in English, Tamil, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biological sciences, Social Sciences and Computer Science.

Bachelor of Education Course structure: ANNUAL PATTERN


Part I – Theory – Core Subjects

Part II – Theory – Optional Subjects

Post Graduates shall offer their respective major subject as Optional I & II. All Under Graduates shall offer their major Subject as Optional-II and English/Tamil/Computer Science as Optional –I.

Part – III

Supervised Teaching and Field experiences - Internship and Practice Teaching- Observation of Demonstration lessons, Observation of Peer's lessons, Micro Teaching Skills practice, Integration of skills at macro level.


Lesson plan , Micro teaching ,Observation, Test and Measurement, Communication media

SUPW & Camp, Library, Physical &Health education, Experimental Psychology, Case study record and  Programmed learning.

Class room methodology

Lecture, Group discussion, Tutorials, seminars, Brain storming sessions.

Educational Technology

Preparation of Teaching aids, Charts, Models, Tapes, Slides, Handling A.V equipments, LCD projector, Preparation of Educational Software.

Educational Evaluation

Construction of Test items, Preparation of answer key, Item analysis, Evaluation and interpretation of scores. 40 practical sessions at Computer lab, training the students in the preparation of Educational Software.

Campus recruitment

Providing job opportunities to the students in reputed schools - A Unique feature.