National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Our NCC coy is having a strength of 52 cadets comprising both boys and girls, which is affiliated to 8 (TN) Battalion NCC, Kumbakonam. Every year cadets are enrolled from the first year students. Cadets undergo institutional parade classes and camp training during their three years of tenure. We taught both military and non-military subjects such as Drill, Weapon training, Field & Battle crafts, Map reading, Military organization & History, Health & Hygiene, PD Skills, leadership & Officer like qualities, Rifle firing, Obstacle crossing, etc. to the cadets for developing their physique and personality. Earnest cadets are attending advanced camps such as National Integration camps, Leadership camps, Adventure and trekking camps during their training all over our country. The aim of the training is to create a team of motivated youths with superior character, discipline, spirit and selfless service, who are available for the society in all walks of life.